ICLC Staff Attorney Mauricio Noroña Interviewed by Univision's Primer Impacto

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ICLC Staff Attorney Mauricio Noroña was interviewed by Univision's reporter, Nayeli Chavez-Geller to discuss Attorney General's decision on Matter of A-B- and its impact on the asylum hearing our client, "Blanca" underwent before an Immigration Judge in New York. 

Link to the report here: Pidió asilo en EEUU tras sufrir una violación en su país, pero ahora podría ser deportada

ICLC Staff Attorney Jessica Greenberg Quoted on the New York Times

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ICLC Staff Attorney Jessica Greenberg spoke to reporter Liz Robbins at the New York Times to discuss Attorney General's Jefferson Sessions decision on Matter of A-B- and its potentially serious consequences on the asylum prospects of thousands of individuals, including those of our courageous client "Blanca." 

Link to the article here: She Was Raped and Threatened With Death. Now She Has Lost Hope of Asylum.

New York Times quotes ICLC staff attorney Mauricio Noroña on DACA story.

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The New York Times quoted staff attorney Mauricio Noroña in its continued coverage of U.S.P.S. and U.S.C.I.S. errors that affected hundreds of DACA renewal applicants, including one of our clients. Reporting by Times journalist Liz Robbins exposed the issue and placed pressured the government to rescind an initial policy to not permit affected individuals from re-submitting their applications.